There are many types of earring findings used to make beaded jewelry. Earring findings include all the metal parts that are used to create earrings - from the earring hooks that hold the ear, to the filigree shapes that you hang from them.

Depending on your level of expertise, earring findings allow you to create an extraordinary amount of different styles of earrings.

Colors of earring findings

Usually available in gold, silver or pewter tones, earring findings should always be a uniform color throughout the one piece of jewelry. It is quite cheap to by gold or silver plated earring hooks, but they are mostly just cheaply colored metal.

Earring findings can tarnish easily if they aren't plated, so make sure that you look after them. If you have sensitive skin, only purchase earring findings that are real gold or silver.

Types of earring findings

Earring wires and posts

These earring findings include all those metallic pieces that hold the beaded jewelry to your ear. The four main styles are:

Earring hooks

These earring findings are the metal pieces that attach the earring to your ear. They have a open loop that goes through your ear, and a closed loop that you attach the beaded jewelry to.

Some styles of earring hook include; French wire, shepherd, fleur de lis lever back, looped, lever back and kidney style.

Earring posts

This earring finding is the metallic pole that can attach the earring to your ear, with a nut at the other end to hold it into place. It has a loop to attach the beaded jewelry to it.

The stud at the front can come with some great decorative styles, or can just be plain. Some styles include; gold filled ball or Bali-style round posts.

Ear clip

These clip-on earring findings are used for people who haven't got pierced ears, and snap securely into place. They have a loop below the clip to attach the beaded jewelry.

Ear threaders

These long pieces of chain thread through your earring hole with a thin piece of metal at one end. They hang from your ear lobe with a long piece of chain on both sides. They have a loop at the other end to hold the beads.

Ear threaders are most effective if they have just the one bead or simple arrangement, as the chain itself is quite interesting.

Chandelier earring findings

These look like decorated, stamped metallic plates. They can be quite large, or just a straight rack with connecting loops across it. Either way, they have one large loop on top to connect to the chosen earring wire or post, and have many other smaller loops to attach beaded drops.

When strung with chains of beads made from eye pins or head pins, they look very decorative and highly intricate.

They are actually quite straight forward and easy to use. They tend to add a bit of a professional feel to your work.


These earring findings are stiff, round hoops that you can use in a few ways. Either thread beads straight onto the hoop for decorated hoop earrings, or hang chains of beads from them to create a more glitzy look.

Once you have the hoop the way you want it, you use the pliers to squash the metal permanently into place.

They usually come with a loop on top to connect the earring hook or post - but you can also use a jump-ring to connect if they don't have one.

Using earring findings

These earring findings all allow you to work with your own imagination. With practice you will be able to produce some stunning results that will inspire you to see what else you can make!

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