Sugilite beads are extremely rare, because the gemstone is mined in few places around the world.

Sugilite found in Japan and India is not of gem quality, and the only viable mining operations in the world are in South Africa. These are now steadily being depleted as the popularity of this gemstone grows.

Breathtakingly beautiful and only a modern discovery, sugilite beads are said to have mystical properties that you should consider. Their price is quite expensive, but considering how rare and mysterious sugilite beads are in the world, you might consider this a bargain for something so exclusive.

History of sugilite beads

A Japanese geologist discovered the first specimens of sugilite in the mid 20th century in Japan. Named after him, another deposit was soon found in India, but neither where gem grade.

Sugilite of gemstone quality was not found until 1975 in South Africa. The difficulty in mining this gemstone has driven up a price that began high anyway because of the rareness of the gem. Sugilite beads are among the most expensive gemstones used in jewelry making, not including precious stones.

Price of sugilite beads

South Africa forbids the exportation of raw materials such as sugilite, making the production of sugilite beads exist only within their borders. This increases the mark up on sugilite beads, because the South African producers have a monopoly on this rare market good.

Color of sugilite beads

The sugilite beads mined in South Africa are deep purple and are mostly opaque in color. The lithium and magnesium within the deposits can give the gems interesting black spots on their surface.

Less than one per cent of the sugilite mined is not opaque - these translucent pieces are extremely expensive and completely rare.

The samples of sugilite that were found in Japan and India were tiny yellow or dark pink crystals that were not of gem grade quality.

Mystical properties of sugilite beads

Sugilite beads are worn to protect against anger and negative energy and are used to resolve disputes or disagreements. They are believed to strengthen vital organs to encourage healing, managing stress, as well as balancing the mind, body and spirit.

Often associated with alleviating headaches and discomforts, sugilite beads are meant to be able to channel pain away from the wearer. They give a person protection against disappointments, giving the feeling of spiritual freedom to anyone who wears sugilite beads about them.

Sugilite beads match the astrological sign of Virgo. Additionally in an astronomical link, sugilite and Pluto are said to be connected because they were both discovered in the same time period.

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