Jewelry charms are used in jewelry making to add a feature that is symbolic to the wearer, or to add a level of visual interest and decoration.

Animals, symbols and icons are jewelry charms that remain popular, even when fashion changes.

Jewelry charms can be flat, metallic pieces that have been stamped into different shapes, or three-dimensional metal objects. Butterflies, zodiac signs, Wiccan symbols, Egyptian crosses and decorative shapes are all common jewelry charms of both types.

Each jewelry charm often involves a lot of surface detail. Depending on the type of metal used, tarnish within the grooves of these details can create some interesting effects.

How to use jewelry charms

Jewelry charms can be used in conjunction with beads to create interesting pieces. They can also be used alone as a pendant on a necklace, or drop on an earring. Jewelry charms can be very versatile.

Held in place in the jewelry by a small hole through their top, jewelry charms are usually used with jump-rings. Jump-rings hold the jewelry charm in place, so that it faces the correct way.

Jewelry charms are usually only patterned on one side, so the use of a jump-ring can be extremely important to ensure that the decorative side is showing.

Price of jewelry charms

Jewelry charms are usually not expensive, but the heavy pewter or precious metal ones can end up costing a fair amount. You are paying for the craftsmanship that has made the jewelry charm, along with the cost of the metal used to make it.

Cheaper base metal or sterling silver jewelry charms can be purchased. These cheaper jewelry charms are not as heavy, but still look as effective in a charm-like arrangement.

Smaller jewelry charms are better purchased in the cheaper metals. The detail and weight of the more expensive jewelry charms is only an advantage when used as a featured pendent.

Expensive, heavy pewter jewelry charms are sill very effective. If you are prepared to pay the money they can make necklaces look quite professional.

The weight of the more expensive jewelry charms makes the necklaces or earrings drop well. For this alone can be worth the investment if that is the look you are after.

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