Invented by Mr. Masayoshi Katshuoka, Miyuki Beads are the brand name of the company that first produced this type bead in Japan. With thin walls, flat ends and large holes, Miyuki seed beads have the appearance of short tubes.

Miyuki seed beads are excellent for bead weaving and loomwork. Many people would not consider using anything besides Miyuki seed beads for these uses.

What makes Miyuki seed beads different?


Miyuki seed beads are typically twice the price of regular seed beads, but they are worth the mark up. They have fewer bead 'casualties' when you are beading, and Miyuki seed beads are legendary when it comes to their colors.


They can be 'treated' with an effect to their surface to have a sheen or interesting finish, and are 'dyed' with a color while in the manufacturing process. Some treatments create a rainbow effect that is very popular, and the Miyuki seed bead treatments are said to be more durable.

Many cheaper beads will wear off their coatings almost immediately, but Miyuki seed beads seem to be more reliable. All treatments can be scratched or compromised, but it is the resilience of Miyuki seed beads that set them apart from the competition.


The flat ends of Miyuki seed beads make the work appear seamless and produce a smooth effect. It is possible to create rows and columns that are entirely uniform and accurate, and this explains their appeal in loom or off-loom work.

Their large holes allow for thread to pass through many times, making them particularly sought after for these functions. Peyote work is very effective when Miyuki seed beads are used because of their flat and seamless appearance.


Miyuki seed beads should be sold by the gram, and not by the hank, as is the case with all Japanese beads. Many people do not realize this and will on-sell them in hanks. This is a sure way of telling you are not buying your Miyuki seed beads from a reputable source.

Other names for Miyuki seed beads

Miyuki seed beads are also known as Japanese cylinder beads, Delica, Antique, Toho Antique or Treasures. Toho is the other major brand name, and their bead line is Treasures, formerly known as Magnifica.

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