The dazzling brilliance of a Swarovski bead is unrivaled in the jewelry world. Available in more colors than can be found in the rainbow, they have shown the remarkable quality of crystals that a machine can make!

Brief history of Swarovski beads

The history of Swarovski beads comes from Daniel Swarovski, a nineteenth century Austrian man. His company invented an industrial process that could cut crystal automatically with extreme consistency.

This produced quality crystal products at a greater speed that what was possible manually. Swarovski beads, figurines, collectibles, binoculars, and other crystal products remain popular and are in high demand around the world.

Made from the finest glass with a high lead content and precisely cut facets, Swarovski beads refract light in a way similar to diamonds. The lead content of Swarovski beads makes them heavier than glass of the same size.

This extra weight improves the way the beads 'sit' in a necklace, or hold the drop in an earring. The increased density is also what allows Swarovski beads to be cut so precisely.

Quality and colors of Swarovski beads

The quality of Swarovski beads and their clarity has made them highly sought after worldwide. Swarovski beads are renowned as the best of all the crystal beads, and come in a vast amount of appealing colors.

Chemicals, not dye, produce the colors of these crystals. Clear is the hardest color to achieve, as the crystal must have no impurities.

These clear Swarovski beads are always useful to have on hand, as they can complement any other colored feature bead. Added to any jewelry design they increase the dazzle factor impressively.

Swarovski beads are particularly effective in chandelier style earrings - their sparkling luster makes them very striking.

Available in various sizes, even the smallest Swarovski bead is breath-taking.

Swarovski beads today

Though sometimes known as Austrian Crystals, the brand name of Swarovski is instantly recognizable across the jewelry making industry.

Today, their 9000 employees continue to produce brilliant man-made crystal products that are available around the globe, over one hundred years since the company first began.

The glass Swarovski beads are particularly popular in fashion and jewelry - their sheer brilliance sets them apart.

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