There are two different types of bead kits that are widely available to purchase from bead stores. These are:

  1. General beading kits
  2. Project beading kits

Depending on the stage you have reached in your own jewelry making development, you can find the bead kit that best suits your needs and interests.

General Bead Kit

A general bead kit will contain items that will allow you to create a few basic pieces. From random feature beads, seed beads, findings, a general bead kit can also include utensils and general beading equipment that you will need to get started.

Some more comprehensive bead kits will also contain books, instructions or information on the included beading items.

General beading kits are normally aimed at first time beaders, and any projects that they have instructions for will normally be quite basic. A good general bead kit will contain everything you need to create jewelry, from pliers to beads to findings.

Before you purchase a general bead kit, consider the value of each item and how much they could be purchased alone. It can be better to purchase items individually, this way you can choose the beads that directly appeal to you.

Often in general bead kits you will be given a vast amount of beads that haven't been sold or are not that popular. This can be avoided by purchasing the beads yourself, and making sure they are glass or of good quality.

By looking at what items a general bead kit includes, you could also use it as a "shopping list" to take to a beading store before you begin your first project.

This way you can be sure to get the beads you want, while also checking to see that you are not spending too much money on the initial start up cost outlay.

Project Bead Kit

A project bead kit will contain all the items you will need to create a specific project. This project will normally be in a photo on the front of the project bead kit, and will have pre-selected beads and findings inside that will suit the task.

The front of the package will normally include information on the level of expertise needed to make the project. If not listed, then normally a beginners level is assumed.

A project bead kit will also contain the exact instructions needed to complete the project. It will not include utensils like pliers, scissors, wire cutters or beading boards.

A project beading kit will assume that you have those things if you need them - only providing the raw materials needed for that one specific project. Even the wire within a project bead kit is the exact measurement needed for the dimensions of the project.

Project bead kits are especially good when you are first starting out, as they provide clear instructions and give reliable results.

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