Have you ever seen a particular piece of jewelry and wished you could make something just like it, but not known how?

Perhaps you have searched on the Internet high and low, but still can't seem to find the right information on how to really get started, and you just wish that someone would show you how?

Or maybe you are simply looking for ideas and motivation to inspire you to try something new?

Learning beading by example


By far the best way to master beading and learn new skills is to have someone show you in person. A real-life beading teacher can show you what to do and then watch what you are doing and help correct any mistakes. This really is by far the fastest way to learn beading and pick up new techniques.

However, often getting a teacher is not practical or is simply not possible, either because you don't know anyone with the rights skills or because there are no beading classes near where you live, or because they are simply too expensive!

Don't despair though - Whatever your skill level, background or experience, beading e-books can be a great substitute for a real teacher and a fantastic reference for learning new techniques and creating new designs!

Beading e-books for advice and inspiration!

Like the beading projects section on this web-site, most beading e-books will show you the techniques you need to know using step-by-step instructions and photos of the most important steps. With a bit of careful reading and patience most people find that they can learn just as effectively from a book as from a real teacher (just not as quickly!)