When designing bridesmaid jewelry for a wedding, you should keep in mind the two alternate functions of stringing beads. Beading should either be a way of showcasing interesting and beautiful beads that have individual interest - or beading should use plain beads used in beautiful patterns, with these patterns being what creates the wow-factor.

Bridesmaid jewelry tends to use understated beads arranged in interesting ways, instead of statement beads themselves. Beads that are usually used in bridesmaid jewelry are typically pearls and crystals. This is because they match most bridal party outfits, while reflecting the white dress worn by the bride. Pearls are especially popular for this reason in bridesmaid jewelry, as they lend a touch of bridal tradition to the day.

The design of bridesmaid jewelry does not all have to be the same for each person, but the same beads, metals and materials should be used. If the designs are all different, then the bridesmaid jewelry of the maid of honor should be the standout.

Bridesmaid jewelry should be limited to intricate earrings and a simple necklace, or vice versa. Having both can tend to upstage the bride, and that should be avoided.

Choosing jewelry to suit different hairstyles

Hairstyles also affect the type of bridesmaid jewelry that should be selected. If the bridesmaids are wearing their hair off the face, then chandelier earrings and a simple necklace, or no necklace, are a good match.

If hair is down, then simpler earrings are more suitable, with a more detailed necklace then enabled.

An alternative to necklaces or earrings for bridesmaid jewelry would be to create beaded hair accessories. Clusters of pearls and crystals could be attached to hairpins, then worn back into the hair along the crown. This is a good alternative to traditional jewelry if the bridesmaids do not have pierced ears, are allergic to any metals or if they wish to leave the statement jewelry to the bride herself.

Consider making your own bridesmaid jewelry

Making bridesmaid jewelry for your own wedding, or for someone else, allows you to customize the overall appearance and look that the bridal party will take. You can create bridesmaid jewelry that perfectly matches the dresses, flowers or themes that the wedding has used, and make your wedding different to anyone else's you have ever seen.

Additionally, if a member of the bridal party creates the bridesmaid jewelry, this adds a level of sentiment to the pieces that will remain long after the wedding reception. Further to their beauty, they are an ongoing reminder of the special memories and bonding moments that happened with all the girls on the big day.

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