Beading books are a good investment for the first time beader. They offer information about the types of materials and objects, and explain how to use them.

There are different types of beading books available that usually give patterns and instructions on one type of beading style.

Things to consider before you buy

Before you buy a beading book, make sure that the projects that it describes match what you aspire to make. There are many different types of jewelry making and many beading books may only cover beaded embroidery or making animal shapes, when instead you want a beading book about making jewelry.

If you are buying a beading book online, ask to view the contents page. This should give you a good idea of what the beading book is about.

Beading books are really a matter of personal taste. If you find a beading book that works for you, then make sure you buy every book in that range, you won't go wrong!


If you are making jewelry for commercial reasons, be careful to make sure that the pattern you are using from a book is not copyrighted, or you could be liable for legal action.

Small time producing, or beading for personal use is not usually targeted for breach of copyright, so rest assured if that describes you.

For information on the policy of the book you have purchased, check the first and last pages. This will be where your beading book has listed its procedure when reproducing their designs.


Different beading books will call the same thing different names. Do not be discouraged, mostly photographs are provided so that you can make sure that you understand what they are talking about!

Many beads themselves are known openly by many different names. If you come across a name you are not familiar with, look for it on the Internet. You will find pictures that will describe it if the beading book hasn't provided any.


Make sure that the beading book you buy has pictures, clear instructions as well as clear diagrams. Confusing instructions or unclear pictures can be frustrating, and a beading book is not useful if it makes understanding the instructions hard.


Spiral bound beading books are very useful, because they can be laid flat on a surface while you follow their instructions. Many bound beading books will close or lose the page you are looking at, making spiral bound beading books have an advantage.

If you have found an excellent beading book that is bound, maybe consider removing the pages. They can then be placed into plastic sleeves in a file, and referred to much easier than a bound beading book allows.

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